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Hameg HM107 scope (1965)

The HM107 is a cute little scope, built from a kit by Hameg. Its design is simple but in the 1960-ies it offered enough functionality for most electronics hobbyists at a modest price. This specimen I have is working just fine.

This cute little scope was built in 1965 or slightly later. Like its successor, the transistorised HM207, it was sold as a kit by the German Hameg laboratories. It is a simple, basic scope. The amplifiers are AC coupled. The vertical amplifier has a 5 MHz bandwidth. The time base is synchronised, not triggered. The kit was described in a review in Radio Bulletin and in the book "Meetapparaten" from the same publisher.

The CRT is a 7 cm DG7-32. Further valves are:

In addition, a silicon rectifier is used to provide the CRT's negative cathode voltage.

I bought this scope from an Internet auction. Though I did not really need it, I wanted to have it for its nostalgic value. It is still in good shape on the outside. It came with a BNC to UHF adapter cable so I could connect something to the input. When I tried it, it turned out to work fine. I have used it for a few simple measurements.

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