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Philips PM5100 LF generator

The Philips PM5100 is a basic LF generator from the early sixties. It has 4 ranges to produce a sine from 15Hz to 150kHz and gives an output of up to 10V.
The PM5100 is an instrument from the last series of valve based measuring instruments Philips released. This can be seen by the "PM" type number, and by the type of case. The case is made of sheet aluminium panels with a grey leather-look coating.

The PM5100 has 4 ranges, from 15 Hz to 150 kHz. The output voltage is 1mV to 10V. The output signal is a sine wave. There are two outputs: one with a 600 Ω and one with a 15 Ω impedance. The valve line-up is:

And a selenium rectifier for the power supply. Since I don't have the schematics, I don't know the specific function of the valves

Actually, I didn't plan to buy this generator. It was offered to me by an amateur from whom I bought a Philips transistorised LF generator. It looked in good condition, only the leather of the handle on top was falling apart.

When I tried it, it just worked. So I can use it if I want. But I don't. I like the GM2317 better, and the transistorised PM5126 I bought at the same occasion, is more practical.

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